I have been a happy user of TrueCrypt for some time on a MacBook with SnowLeopard. I recently acquired an iMac Intel Core I5, and TrueCrypt is throwing error messages regarding MacFuse. I have installed the latest version of MacFuse (2.0.3) and tried the latest beta (2.1.5) but no luck. Any thoughts out there?

Choose only one to use. Either Macfuse or TrueCrypt. Choose the one you one and delete the other one. I use before true crypt but after sometimes i change to mac fuse. Go to system preference and click on mac fuse at the bottom. Tell me what you see. A screenshot will be better


After clicking the second time on MacFUSE icon in Preferences, I see a preferences window with messages "Installed Version: 2.0.3" and "No Updates Available At This Time", also two buttyons: "Remove MacFUSE" and "Check for Updates". Per some other posts here, I have removed MacFUSE and reinstalled TrueCrypt, but still get the same error. I have also tried the current beta version of MacFUSE, with the same result.

Thanks for your help!

So it seems that your mac is a 32 bit. Do you have other problemS?

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