I have been a happy user of TrueCrypt for some time on a MacBook with SnowLeopard. I recently acquired an iMac Intel Core I5, and TrueCrypt is throwing error messages regarding MacFuse. I have installed the latest version of MacFuse (2.0.3) and tried the latest beta (2.1.5) but no luck. Any thoughts out there?

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Choose only one to use. Either Macfuse or TrueCrypt. Choose the one you one and delete the other one. I use before true crypt but after sometimes i change to mac fuse. Go to system preference and click on mac fuse at the bottom. Tell me what you see. A screenshot will be better



After clicking the second time on MacFUSE icon in Preferences, I see a preferences window with messages "Installed Version: 2.0.3" and "No Updates Available At This Time", also two buttyons: "Remove MacFUSE" and "Check for Updates". Per some other posts here, I have removed MacFUSE and reinstalled TrueCrypt, but still get the same error. I have also tried the current beta version of MacFUSE, with the same result.

Thanks for your help!


So it seems that your mac is a 32 bit. Do you have other problemS?

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