I was working on my Mac mini and was doing some modifications in Mac partitions using third party tool. Although I had the Apple's disk utility but it can't shift the partitions I went for third party tool. While resizing, it flashed a message to first create a backup of data on hard drive.

For backup, I have a cloning software from Stellar which can create both clone and Image of my drive.

I don't now whether I should create a clone or an Image. Help please

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An Image would be better. Adding to that i don't really like Stellar Products.

If you need more info about Cloning and Imaging you can see this link. . I would still go for Imaging.

But I like this Stellar Drive Clone software because its very easy to use and understand,

May I know the reason of your dislike please.

As far as my confusion is concerned, I think cloning is better option as it will save my programs also.

Some people prefer cloning while others prefer imaging it all depends. If you want to save programs cloning would be a better choice. If you want files and folder, imaging would suit you. I do not dislike or stellar products. There is one products i use called Stellar Phoenix. It is a software to recover data, deleted data or lost data. I used it but instead of recovering data, it deleted some of my files. It did not recover a single file from the trash but deleted 3 folders on my desktop. I have to use Diskdrill another mac recovery tool to recover it, but only some recover. At the end i use time machine and restore everything back to normal.

From then on, i start hating Stella Phoenix, I think is just a crappy piece of recovery tool. But not all Stellar Products are bad. I love some of them too. The only stellar product i hate is the one i mention above. Crappy piece of software

Yes, I can understand your point. Although I haven't used the Stellar phoenix data recovery software for Mac but want to put my view here.

Sometimes we use an application without going through its specifications, features and compatibility. Every software has its limitations of application mentioned in its user manual.
Did you tried to find the cause behind Stellar phoenix Mac data recovery failure. You should have asked for technical support mentioned at their site.

I have faced such issues with many Mac programs and fixed them with technical support.


Thanks for the reply and concern, Stevenros. Yes i did, i sent them an email, stellar replied that other users are facing this problem too. So it is not ony me. They tell me that the latest free version of Stellar Phoenix is having a bug error and cannot be used. A few months have passed, they must have solved it by now. But i still do not dara to use the product but i still use other products and they are working fine.

Well, exceptions are everywhere.

As far as my friends experience with Stellar phoenix, its the best for him. Did you tried the new version Stellar phoenix data recovery software. I think they have made it bug free now.

By the way I have cloned my Mac mini with Stellar Drive Clone and ready to modify the partition size. I have stored the clone at external USB drive and tested it.

Its OK.

Good to hear you have clone your mac succesfully. Nerver try stellar phoenix for a long time, i will try and see how it goes.

Have you guys tried Carbon Copy Cloner (


)? It's free and works perfectly for me. I cloned two partitions to an external drive. After that I could even boot the system from the second HD.

For me, I just can advice that.

Heard of that, but i never bother to try. Just too lazy to do it;)
Heard that it is one of the top 20 must have apps for Macbook including Mac OSX Lion.

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