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Recently my stepson gave me an old beige desktop G3 that had been collecting dust. I decided to upgrade it as follows:

As received
Mac OS 8.6
233 MHz CPU
32 MB RAM, 2 MB video RAM
4 GB WD3400A hard disk

Mac OS 9.2.2
1 GHz PowerLogix CPU
768 MB RAM, 6 MB video RAM
Two 80 GB WD800AAJB hard disks (internal)
Acard ATA 66 IDE PCI card
XLR8 Mach Speed Control (CPU speed selector)

Before the CPU was replaced but after everything else had been upgraded, the video game "Traitors Gate" played perfectly. After the new CPU was installed and set to 935 MHz speed, the game crashes with a "Type 13 Error." The Mac error list states as follows:

13 dsIrqErr uninstalled interrupt error

Can anyone interpret this for me? Is it caused by the CPU being too fast for the game? I have no trouble with other apps such as TechTool Pro, DiskWarrior, Adobe Reader, etc.

Thanks for any help!

---- Bill Strohm

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Oops! Type 13 errors on other apps as well. Slowing the CPU speed to 667 MHz seems to help... some.

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OK, I found the problem was caused by using the USB trackball and keyboard from my G5 via the USB card in the G3. Reverting to the ADB keyboard and trackball fixed the problem. Inconvenient since I need two keyboards, one for each computer, but that's the way it is.

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