My old mac ibook G4 has pasnther installed on it,i want to upgrade to tiger but the dvd-rom is not functional also being an old system its not possible to boot via usb,Is it possible to boot it using an external dvd-rom connected via usb?

If you have a bootable drive cd/dvd or harddrive press and hold down the option key while booting. This will give you a boot menu with all the available bootable drives.

I have never tried booting my old PowerBook G4 over USB but I have booted an external drive with firewire.

The highest version of OSX you can load on your G4 is Leopard as Snow Leopard goes not support PPC based macs.

I'm a Mac user , i work with Windows and Mac
and i tried this several times with several Mac G4 and have never had success.
i tried booting from a portable external CD/DVD and never had good results.
if anyone has done this, please let us know, thanks.

C0ding - CD/DVD I have never really attempted. For best results use an external firewire harddrive.

I have been able to book the system into various OS X versions. And will be attempting to boot a few different versions of Linux PPC (Ubuntu and Yellow Dog) when time permits.

Windows will never work on the G4 PPC so please do not missinterpret the ability to boot from an external as providing the same VT that bootcamp provides on the intel based mac computers.

I've done it, 2+ years ago. Sorry broseph.

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