I have a mac book pro. I'd like to know how to burn dmg files onto DVD-R as bootable on Windows 7?
Do I also need to convert the files to ISO type in order to make them run smoothly when I start up the machine?


A DMG file when burned to a disk, may or may not be bootable depending on the DMG.

You can burn a dmg to disk. Here's how:

To burn a dmg file to disk within windows, I've read you can use 3rd party apps like TransMac. I've never seen any native windows program that would do this. IF I'm wrong, someone jump in here.

In the MAC, you can convert the DMG to an ISO. The Windows PC can certainly work with that format.
"hdiutil convert image.dmg -format UDTO -o image.iso"

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Thanks for the reply. Well, that's the dilemma I'm having at the
moment. Do I need to convert the dmg files to ISO if I want to
install the lion os x on my MacBook pro considering that it doesn't have any OS except Win7?

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