I work for a college newspaper as a "sys admin" of sorts. Really I am just the webmaster, but I have inherited the other title by default. In our office, we have about 9 iMacs running OSx (at least osx Im sure). I have about 10 users that I would like to have individual user accounts on all of the machines. For example I would like John Doe to have his own account with his own password.

However because it is a student newspaper, I would like to have access to there accounts to make sure they are not improperly using the computers, and was wondering if it is possible in Mac to have one user account accept two passwords (ie the users password and the admins password).

I am just a student too so I dont really know any handy ways to deal with the problem, just kind of learning as I go.


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Hi atticusr5,

No, this is not possible by default and I don't know of any software that can. However, you can always create non-administrator accounts for the other members and turn on parental controls. From there you can set logs to record what they're doing/have done, restrict what they have access to, and even restrict which applications they can run.

Regards, Arkinder

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Thanks so much Arkinder,

I did exactly that and then gave myself the ability to log on as "root" so I can monitor the accounts.

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