either she won't stand still for the picture or I cant hold the camera still - LOL ... I thinks it's both ...she's a Lab-a-clown ... she's not as serious as my GSD's but plenny fun

by the way dani, there are desktop macs with intel chips

the new (whatever the power user version of a mac is) has an intel Xenon

They're not Power macs, they're PRO Macs. Pro macs are better than any machine out there.

Da Pro Macs cost a good chuck of change if you wanna do it right. My band uses and iMac 24 and Macbook Pro ... but when we go to the Pro Studios .. The all have the tricked out loaded Pro Macs... with Max Memory and all the drive bays full ... Lets Call Them "MONSTER MACS" We used one this weekend ... You know when we looked in the control room we saw them in their glory hooked up to the mixer console, digital effects racks, amp racks ...and Video Racks... and you saw two of the fullest Macs you ever seen .. IMPRESSIVE! THEY WERE faster than the ones we recorded on last year. (But they had the older ones hooked up in da upstairs studio (for Demos and Rap) For the Music Industry Macs are the right tool for the job... Thats why so many studios exclusively use Macs.

But Again ...The cost a good chunk of change...Maybe thats why the investors had to pay more for studio time ... The studio has to pay for those two "Moster Macs"

They're not Power macs, they're PRO Macs. Pro macs are better than any machine out there.

Don't you mean Mac Pros?

Personally I don't really like the change of the name; I always liked "PowerMac" much more.

You know with all this talk about Macbooks and Pro Macs .. Lets not forget that alot ibooks and power macs are still working strong.

your know once the new computer high wore off a little .. I found myself going to the olders macs .. that still got a lot of life in the ... and just using them... Don't get me worng ...I like my new macs.

My band has been tricking out a they dkeyboard players "Qucksilver" you know ..It has alot character! We put a couple of bigger drives and more memory into it and put it nto and old touring case .. It's our live recording machine and the keyboard player uses it to enhance his keyboard live.. along with the macbook pro that I use for the guitar/uke side.

Almost forgot ... It's kinda beat up from taking it on gigs .. but we'll run that think till it dies!

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