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I'm having troubles with the built in help and support in XP pro SP2 start menu when i hit help and support is says windows can not find helpctr.exe please check spelling etc etc i have run a search for helpctr.exe and found the following:
?helpctr c:\windows\system32\dllcache
?helpctr c:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386
?helpctr c:\windows\$Ntservicepackuninstall$
could it possibly be just a broken shortcut or something else i really don't know also perhaps you should know when i try to run msconfig it says the same windows cannot find 'msconfig' wether this is relevant to the help problem i'm not sure, if not please ignore and i'll leave that for another thread.Any 'help' would be well appreciated cheers

Why do you need the help files?? What is it you are trying to find out??

i have a problem with windows installer poppin up seaminly random usually when i reach a certain point in adaware scan it pops up and sometimes when i drag and drop a file it comes up tryin to configure roxio media creator which is already installed and seams to work o.k you have to delete it 3-4 times then its o.k till something sets it of again also sometimes it comes up as m.s office 2000 but mostly roxio i cant seem to figure what triggers it though im pretty new to all this so bare with me if you need more info just let us know cheers

Have you still got the Roxio install CD?? If you have it may be worth trying to un-install Roxio then see if you get the same problems... If you don't then you know it's not Roxio.. Then try re-installing Roxio to see if the problems comes back

I was just wondering if Roxio is constantly trying to associate itself every time you put new files on..

i dont have the disk it was already installed with the p.c

Do you use Roxio?? Have you got Nero software??

If you don't use roxio then try removing it... But if you DO use it DO NOT remove it as that mat not be the cause of the problem, but I do know that it can be a bit of a pain.. Nero software is a lot more reliable but it does depend if you have it already or can get it..

no i dont have nero and couldnt really get it at the moment as i just lost my job i dont know wether this will help or wether its even related but when i try to run msconfig it cant find that either but maybe thats another problem

MSconfig is a separate issue altogether, it is sounding like you may have a curruption problem.. Have you tried running a windows scandisk.. This will not solve your problems you are having but it may tell if you if their is any curruption on your hard drive..

No i have'nt run scan disk cause i don't know how. So if you can let us know how to i'l get back to you as soon as

No i have'nt run scan disk cause i don't know how. So if you can let us know how to i'l get back to you as soon as

No Probs..

Goto Start, Programs, System Files and you should see Scandisk their..
Run that and select thourgh checks.. Might be best to leave running probably over night as it does take a while...
And most important turn off any screen savers that you have on as this will cause scandisk to keep restarting else..

ive run scandisk and it goes through the 5 stages then restarts the p.c not showing any results, is this normal if there are no errors to display ???

It shouldn't restart if found no errors that sounds a little strange to me..

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