My 500GB HDD have 5 partitions including a time backup drive. Few days back I created another partition of size 50GB for some purpose. Later I deleted that partition and tried resizing OS partition to take the space. But everytime I try to resize the OS disk, the disk utility fails to complete the action. It doesn't give any error message but the resizing is not completed by the DU.

Now my question is how could I resize my OS partition to take that space? Thanks!!!

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Thanks for reply. I have downloaded the software but its asking to create boot dvd?

Do I have to make the CD? Is it free?

Hi again, you have to create a boot dvd since your mac has only 1 HDD. Note, software consider all partitions of the same hard drive as 1 single HDD. So, yes you have to burn the disk & work in bootable environment to resize OS X disk. Software is paid $29. Thanks!!!

Thanks tom, I bought it and resized the startup disk easily. thanks for helping me out.

Another great tool (just as an FYI) is DiskWarrier. It's gotten me out of more than a few jams!

@InkHogNeato Disk Warrior is a tool that repair a corrupt Mac partition. It has nothing to do with resizing a Mac disk. Hope this adds good to your knowledge :-)

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