good evening. .

You can try to run it in a virtual machine such as VirtualBox. Current versions are supposed to allow installing it, but you will need an installation CD, DVD, or ISO image file to do so. Installing it directly on the hardware may not be possible since it has dependencies on some Apple-specific hardware/firmware, which a virtual machine can possibly emulate (reverse engineered, or licensed from Apple).

I'm already triad, but it's not work. .

can u help me. .

I don't use OSX, so other than what I (and you) can find on the Internet, I really can't help. That said, what issues / errors did you get trying that, and which version of VirtualBox did you use?

You can install Mac OS X only on Mac Hardware or on VirtualBox, also on Mac hardware only. It will not work anywhere else. Sorry.

You can try to install it using VMWare:
Click Here

No, that will not work. It is strictly tied to Mac hardware.

Unfortunately the install discs are hardware dependant. I once tried using the install disc from a MacBook Air on a MacBook Pro to no avail.

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