I run Mavericks up to date and whatever browser I use, the Internet cuts out to it despite the fact that Network Preferences show WiFi and Ethernet (via HomePlugs) connected. If I reboot the computer it is working again for a while. Cutouts can be several times a day and completely random. If the Internet is connected why are my browsers disconnecting from it?

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Don't know. My wife just upgraded to Mavericks. I'll repost here if she has similar issues. Myself, I don't use Apple cruft. My wife on the other hand is an Apple fan-girl... :-)

Please note the time of occurance and then take a look at the system log. See if it produces any hints. Turn off the WiFi and see if the problem persists.These days Apple is insisting on WiFi. One solution that comes to mind, if the problem persists after shutting off the WiFi, is to apply a manual address for your DHCP. You would have to reserve the address on your router. It really depends on the munufactor of the router for the procedure.

Okay. You lost me from the third line down. What do you mean Apple is insisting on WiFi? And I've no idea what a DHCP is or a manual address for it. Can you spell out what the procedure is please? Thanks.

There are apple apps that will only work on WiFi. Airplay, Itunes share, and facetime are a few off the top of my head.
DHCP (Distributed Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
It is a method of sending information from one IP address to another. A simpler description is, a method used by your router to "talk to your computers". It doesn't matter if you use WiFI or Ethernet, both use DHCP. Normally, this setting is left to the router to assign. You can place your own in, providing you know the range of numbers you can use.
This is territory that is best left to ones that are familiar to setting up a router. There is a strong possibility of setting the wrong setting and you will have no network. Fortunately it is not dependant on the OS so if you have someone in the know, wether they are MAC or PC doesn’t matter.
This is getting way off of track concerning your problem. Did you try turning off your WiFi and see if the problem persists. Interference from something as simple as a microwave can affect your single (under certain circumstances!) You can turn it on and off without it affecting anything. So if you choose to facetime, turn on WiFi and be ready to smile.

The problems started when I was using Ethernet only so that's not a solution. I don't use any of the apps you mention that require WiFi but I'm now using WiFi on its own and so far the Internet has not cut out.I'll report back in a few days.

The problem seems to have gone now that I'm only using WiFi on its own!!

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