I am replacing the HardDrive on a 350mhz iMac g3. The hard drive replacement has went ok, meaning I was able to replace the OS 9 and OS X operating system with out much trouble.

So far I have the original drive intact but failing. I have two partitions on the new drive and both OS 9 and OS X installed. My problem is the moved data files will not open properly.

The original files were created with Appleworks 6's word processor. The files were slow opening on the old hard hard drive, but they did open with the correct formating, Now they refuse to open with the correct formating on the new hard drive.
I can see most of the text when I open them with the TextEditor.

I used a USB Drive to copy the files.

What did I miss copying the files. I still have the originals. 98% are still intact but I don't know how many more times I can access the old drive before It will not be readable.

Also they don't seem have the right three letter file type(none) on them for the appleworks 6 word processor so the Icons are not as they should be. I also have not been able to get appleworks 6 to show up in the application list.

Equipment: Slot load Imac G3, 350mhz PowerPC 750, 80 gb hard drive, 576 mb Ram, two partitions, one with OS 9.22 and the other partition has OS X fully updated from 10.4.6 to 10.4.11.

Finder says the files are "unix executable" but they were created using appleworks 6.

my newly created apple works files have a .cwk extension.

what has happen to these files?? "open with" gives a error message "an unexpected error occured. #-1700"