do you need software to jailbreak an iphone is it that simple? is there no coding? .

You need a software. Simple as that.

People have used exploits in the browser in the past with However apple's really good at plugging these things, so software exploits. Specifically bootrom exploits are the only lasting way.

So I would say you do need software, although its very easy to use, the community does a brilliant job....and thanks to youtube, theres about a ten thousand 13 year old boys who'll walk you through the process.

Yup, i can show you how to do that as well but in here no. There are many softwares you can go and google search it.

You do. Its pretty simple to do though. I highly recommend that you do jailbreak though; it opens the iPhone up to so many more apps. You can find apps in the [snipped] market that allow you customize your iPhone and make it appear as if it were an Android, which is pretty cool!

I'll never forget my first jailbreak. I was tethering 3G on my way to the big city and downloading the newest iPhone update.

Freakin upgrade patched the tethering.

Just remember not to update your phone until you know how to jailbreak the newest iOS version.

It is a constant battle.

I have a iphone and whan i was send it india than he jail break it but whan he update software than its going dead tell me what can he do :(?

I can't understand you, sorry about that. Can you speak english.

YEA SIr last week . I send a Iphone uk to India and there is problem in india iphone need to jail break for iphone but i dont knew how it can be done , plz guide me.

Each version of the iPhone requires a different jailbreak.
I was just trying to jailbreak an iPhone 4 with Blackra1n but ran into a number of problems. It also is different based on the OS of the computer you are using.

There are a lot of details and it is not easy to do in a forum.
You need to Google it...

I think we need a software.

Apple is going to fix the jailbreaking problem soon

Sn0wbreez supports: unteathered iOS 4.3.3 (iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, iPod touch) and iOS 4.2.8 iPhone 4

GreenPoisen or

If you want to get a little bit more tricky like making themes you will have to learn some basic coding.
There is a new app that is not included with cydia sources by default you might want to check out. iSwipe it allows you to type by sliding your finger across the screen and it inserts the text. Add Wynd Repo It is no where near perfect, but for one guy building it, it is coming along nicely.

Yes defenetly you need a software for that

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