Hi peeps, I have just purchased a used iphone 5 from ebay which is apparently locked to a provider, does anybody know where I can find more information about unlocking it? I usually unlock android phones, so I wouldn't expect it to be too difficult, I'm just not sure where to go to find more info about it as all the sarches I performed online didn't retun any satisfactory results.

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You might be able to get it unlocked at an Apple Store, or if you know who the original vendor was (AT&T et al), you could go to one of their stores to get an unlock code.

thanks, I will certainly try that in the first instance, but I have to be ready to do it myself if those fail. If I ought to do it myself, what's involved? Do I have to jailbreak first or can I unlock it without jailbreak? Also, is there software around that does it? I've never owned an iphone before but judging from what I found on the net, the unlocking procedure consists in finding the imei of your phone on the apple database and change the entry so that it is no bound to any provider (I also understand that this is legal to do as long as you contract with the provider has expired, and mine is.)
But, I couldn't find any resource that will allow me to do it. Any idea?

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