Okay guys! I want to buy a new MacBook Pro. I'm on Mac OS X 10.5 and it feels old. Nothing is updated. I use it for work as well. Also, my current one just had its Apple Care expire and I am sad. :(

Sigh.. is this the smartest way to go about it? Or how/what would I upgrade if I stayed with my same ol' trusty MacBook Pro? At a certain point, I am concerned about money but mostly I'm just curious what's smartest way.

Also! If I did purchase a new one, when would be the smartest time to strike? New releases..? I know iCloud just came out.


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Wait awhile. There is a new crop of Mac Pros and Minis coming out soon from what I have read in the past few days.

You can check out this link. If you want a Macbook Pro best is to get it now. Macbook Pro version is snow leopard and is not expensive. If Mac osx lion come out in July it will be more expensive than a snow leopard mac. Buy a macbook pro now and when mac osx lion come out, you can just buy the installation disk for 29 and install it on your macbook pro.

So, the consensus is to buy now or wait for latest (better) hardware and pay a bit more. Sounds like dealer's choice to me... :-)

Buy now and upgrade later. Total costs add ups is cheaper than buying the latest macbook. Is there even one?

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