I have been using a wal-mart wireless mouse for months. It got slow response yesterday and today will not work. Plugged in a new mouse and it's not working either. Settings /mouse not detecting. Batteries good. any help would be appreciated.

YEAH, I've tried all that. Weird thing...it was working fine for a couple months, then quit. I've installed updates and restarted a couple times but no workey.

@les_3. You write you tried all that but didn't tell in detail the results. I take it the Apple is dead to USB mice now and it's time to take it to the counter.

Do any other USB devices work in that port?

Thanks guys. I have tried the mouse in my pc and it works there. I plugged an external hard drive into the usb and it reads it, also plugged in a usb mouse and it works. I put in new batteries in the wireless mouse but it didnt help.

Here's a thing. USB devices can work here but not there. It's good to test on other machines but it's not going to tell us much. For this round all we have discovered is this mouse and another isn't working on this Apple. Time to try a name brand like Logitech.

OK, I certainly dont mind buying a name brand, it's just that this one DID work for a couple months, then for no apparent reason just decided to not work.....doesnt make much sense. But thank you all for the advise

Then borrow a friends model for a test.

Did Windows Update run and screw up the drivers?

Did anything else change? Have you recently placed any other 2.4GHz devices close to the iMac or mouse? DECT phones, WiFi routers, even WiFi dongles could affect the mouse talking to the iMac by causing excessive inteference on the 2.4GHz channels used. Try moving both iMac and mouse to a new area.

I found on a couple older machines with El Capitan that I needed to shut off blue tooth and reboot a few times before turning it back on for non-Apple wireless mice to work. I was using Logitech, so it may not work with your WalMart mouse but it is worth a try.

You start with a wireless mouse (Bluetooth?) and then say that you got a new mouse and plugged it in (USB?). Which one are you having a problem with. Two completly different interfaces and two completly different troubleshooting paths. Can you please identify the Mouse by model and manufacture?

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