Hi there, when I click and drag files from afolder onto a USB to display on a TV (slideshow) I have to get someone on a PC to delete invisible copies of those files. What is that about? How can I do that myself without relying on a PC user and their PC. Thanks

Can you provide more information? For example. you don't drag files onto a USB any more than you drag files onto a serial or parallel. You drag them onto a device attached to a USB interface. What type of device are you using? How are the files being displayed on the TV? Are you using a USB memory stick? How is it formatted. If you are using a USB stick, how would you expect to delete the files without using a computer?

I know a little about TVs in regards to USB sticks and drives.

First you have to dismiss the notion a Smart TV is anywhere near the capability of say Windows 3.0 from 1990. Many of these TVs are downright horrible and have issues like yours.

As to invisible files. Some may be the TV writing out where you paused or stopped viewing a video file so it can resume later.

It's possible you are using some Apple OS to do this click and drag. On FAT32 volumes you will indeed have a few extra files but if the TV maker did their job right these files should not show or interfere with playing video files.

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