Hello everyone,,
Okay so I play this game called x-plane on my 2016 mpb base model. It runs decent given its specs and it’s a Mac. Now I know macs are not good at gaming but I can’t stand windows and refuse to get one ever again. I looked at the MacBook pros now and if I get a 15” it has a Radeon 550X graphics card. Will that suffice? Will it be able to run a flight simulator noticeably different than now? Please and thank you

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Which Apple? https://support.apple.com/kb/SP749?locale=en_US

Let's compare the 450 to the 550X.
I can't find a head to head comparison but I'll try these two.

It's really tough to pull out a comparison but the few games seem to eek out under 10% more frames per second.

"According to the specified peak performance, the chip should be similar fast as a Radeon Pro 455 in the MacBook Pro 2016. In our tests it reaches the Radeon Pro 455 and bests the Nvidia GeForce MX150, but stays behind the GeForce GTX 1050." Notebookcheck.

My answer is I expect no noticeable performance increase.

X-plane is a very old game released in 1995. I don't see a problem with running it on 2016 year Mac or MacBook pro. For a newer games it really matters, but Radeon 550X should be enough for your needs. It even supports DirectX 12.

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