I have a Mac notebook running Mac OS X Snow Leopard at my home owned by another in the family and for some reason it has been having problems with connecting to the wireless in the house.

Network: TW CBL Modem to a Netgear N600 Wireless router
NG N600 has SSID Broadcast enabled, WPA-Personal Key, DHCP Active and Managed

I've had the router with SSID Broadcast disabled and also under WPA2-Personal Key encryption before and all was working fine until near three months ago. The i changed the settings about a week ago to the curently posted and that fixed it for almos a week and now it won't stay connected.

Works fine on all computers and game stations in the house but for some reason the Mac continues to lose it's connection to the router and won't reconnect until i restart the Mac Wireless Airport.

If you need more details about the network I can post the sheet here to show but would like to get this solved.

CAn you connect to the internet. If no try resetting your modem and router. Then later go and configure your network with a secure password, consist of numbers and words. Try and see if you are having any problems

Seting up the router with a secure password...

How do you mean, since obviously I was able to modify the router name, Security, Admin access, and also DHCP Reservations.

Also as i have said before I can get to the internet on any other computer in the house but the mac is flaky when using wireless and I don't want it bound to a wire all day.

Since you say that, it means that your mac is having problem. Try going to network diagnostics and see whether does the connection last. do you mean that your mac sometimes can connect to the internet and suddenly the connection failed

Yes. and sometimes it won't see the SSID or even attempt a connection to the router.

Does it say connection time out or see adminstartor

Does it say see administrator or connection timeout.

The mac will gain internet for a short period of time then some how lose the Connection without warning and won't find the network again. Sometimes it won't show up in the Airport Wireless Manager.

Since you said that the internet worked fines on other computers in your house, i think the problem has to do with your mac. Did you change the mac airport settings

We haven't changed any thing on the mac. It works fine at several other locations but it didn't want to stay working at home.

I have the router setup with a DHCP Reservation list and had the mac in the list. Just three days ago i removed it from the reservation list and now it seems to be working but what in the DHCP Reservation List caused this problem, if that is the cause. I'll watch it for a few more days before I say it's good.

Continue monitoring the progress. I am not sure that the DHCP Reservation List caused your problem but sometimes funny stuft happens on your mac and even the impossible may be possible

commented: Willing to help other people although some of your suggestion a re not correct +0

If your problem is solved can you please mark the thread as solved. You can do that by going to the bottom. Thanks, i appreciate it.

I'm still looking at how the mac is working in the network and i'm going to see if that is the real issue by attempting my DHCP Reservation again this weekend.

Please ignore my post above since your problem is not solved. Ok, when you are done, please tell me next week whether is that the root cause of your problem. Give me the latest updates for your problem.

Good luck

Okay, it seems all is working fine. For some reason i don't think the MacBook likes an assigned address for some reason but I'll be looking more into it later but it seems to have fixed the problem i was having.

I think I have a similar problem with my macbook v.10.5.8. I have to be right next to my router for the internet to work. I downloaded iStumbler but as I move away from my router at about 60% signal my internet will cut out and I get the infamous internet can't be reached page.

Additionally, this is a new problem, I used to be able to move all about my apartment with no problem. I have another windows computer that works just fine.

What's wrong with my internet? Can anyone help? Please use simple language... Thanks!!!

Hi balconyview. I am viewing your problem now and i think i could help you with us. next time try not to post your problem in a solved thread. Thanks. Go and check your thread i have reply to it

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