I am no Mac expert, just an old dude who has had experience with Mac computers since 1995.

I read posts here to see if there are problems to which I might be able to offer possible solutions, but am often confounded by posters who offer nothing on the year of manufacture of their computer, or the operating system they are using and maybe even how much RAM they have. E.g, 2012 MB Pro with 4GB of ram running High Sierra.

To me, this would seem to be the absolute minimum for a poster to provide, no?

On a Mac List to which I belong, someone offered this advice for someone seeking help with a computer problem. I would not expect anyone to provide all this info when posting, but the page is a useful check list for folks seeking help.

rproffitt commented: I wish folk would provide basic info but over the years I have come think they are just flustered about the problem so they don't think about this. +15
JamesCherrill commented: Yes, absolutely right. It's the same as the people who ask why their program doesn't work but don't post the code. +15