For some reason the Z key is not working. The only way I can make it work is pressing the shift key (capital letter). Wondering if somebody can help me. Thanks.


Does this problem happen in all applications, or just certain ones? Are you on a laptop, or a desktop system? It is possible for the keyboard to go... or the circuitry within the keyboard. A key is nothing more than a switch -- when you press it, the key completes a circuit, and the keyboard control chip encodes a code on what key was pressed.

Since the Z works, but z doesn't.... my guess is that the key works, and that the problem is in the keyboard controller chip. Easiest way to repair is to get a new keyboard.

Good Luck with it.



Thanks for your help Christian. I notice that not only happens with the powerbook G4 keyboard but also with the external keyboard, and is the same in all applications.

Thanks again.


It sounds to me that there is a fault on the motherboard. I would take the Powerbook in and have it looked at. If it is also happening on an external keyboard, something is amiss internally.

Good Luck.


Thanks again Christian, I'll do that. Have a good day.