I have two macs 1 emac and one 17 in g5. both are running os 10.4.8. ive read that there is a way to share internet connection between the two via blue tooth. my g5 has built in blue tooth and my emac which is the main connection has a fmi bluetooth adapter connected to it. anyone know a way to do this? i know a router is simpler but this is the poor mans way till i get back from a trip that is taking all my money to date.

Found this:

I've read somewhere that, by default, it's not possible to share an airport internet connection to a bluetooth device, while it's possible to share an ethernet or adsl port.

Somebody suggested buying a firewall/gateway software but indeed it's simpler than that.

The following example has been tested with a treo 650 and OS 10.3.8, a sitecom Bluetooth and Airport extreme; it should work on other versions too:

1) Assign a local IP to your bluetooth device (in this example:
2) Pair your pda via bluetooth to your imac; after that, the bluetooth discovery option can be set to "off"
3) Open a terminal window
4) Run a ppp daemon without authentication on the pda bluetooth port (the following command all on one line):

sudo /usr/sbin/pppd /dev/tty.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync 115200 noauth local passive proxyarp ktune asyncmap 0 persist :

n.b. the "persist" flag will keep the daemon running even after a connection is terminated, waiting for new connections

4) Enable ip forwarding:

sudo sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=1

5) Setup your PDA for a new bluetooth connection; the device should be setup as "pc connection", 115200 spped, and a fixed IP (in our case and DNS same as the one on your Mac


Instructions are for a PDA, but another Mac should work equally well. Hope it helps.