Does anyone know what factors exist to appletalk between OS 9 and OS10.3. I am a student at Western Kentucky University, trying to use appletalk between G4 towers set up to scan pictures on OS 9 and cannot get it to work consistently with the new G5 panther. any help would be appreciated.
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If you get any assistance with this please tell me. I am trying to transfer all of my files from my old PowerMac 6100/60av to my new eMac 1.25Ghz via the ethernet connections. I don't think that the appletalk versions can communicate? After I enable appletalk and grant access to all my drives and files, how do I get the OSX computer to find my old one through the ethernet connection?



This message was in the system before I was on the scene. I would be happy to help here. Note that I am advising you on how to enable all this... security is not being considered here.

In order for this to work, one computer has to be designated the "server" and the other the "client".

Let's make the Old PowerMac 6100 be the server, and the eMac be the client.

PowerMac 6100 OS 9 Setup
-- Did you turn file sharing on? Set the proper password? Name your computer?
-- Did you share the hard drive? Get Info... on the hard drive and check the box.
-- Did you use the Chooser to make sure Appletalk is active?
-- Did you check the Appletalk control panel and make sure it is on Ethernet? OS 9 could share out of the printer port... that is what LocalTalk was all about.

File Sharing on a older mac takes it a while to fire up, especially if you have fine-tuned the permissions access. Give it a good 10 minutes to get started up and sharing.

Physical Layout
- The 6100 for Ethernet requires a AAUI adapter thingy to connect to either Coax or Twisted Pair 10(0)baseT cable.
- If you are using the 10baseT or 100baseT Cat 5 cable, do you have a properly tested crossover cable? You will need this if you are connecting two computers directly. Otherwise, you coulduse a hub or switch (preferred). I do not like the direct crossover cable approach because there no link lights exist to test for connectivity.

eMac Setup
- In the network control panel, did you enable Appletalk?

You should be able to, in OS X, to Connect to Server... and either browse for it on the Appletalk segment, or type in afp://computername and have it find the name.

Let us know how it works.


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