I would appreciate any help I could get on this.

I was organizing the network at my work and I moved a series of folders starting with the letter a into a "A" folder I had just created. I dragged the folders into the "A" folder, and it appeared to copy successfully with a small wait. However when I checked, there were nothing in the folder. I double checked the network on a pc, and the files were still gone, I hoped I could do a series of undo's in finder but could not.

I do not have extensive experience with macs, however I am not a novice computer user and have used several different operating systems, I know this is not normal and not common user error. There were many important client files in these folders and I want to know if I can possibly recover them

You might like to check with the IT guys at your work Chances are they do a daily and weekly backup of all the files on the network.

Short of that i would suggest a program called Disk Warrior. Costs a little bit but its done wonders for me in the past. Also check that you did not move the files to a different location on your mac by mistake. Try using the finder to search for the name of a document that you know was in that folder and work from there.