You guys are my last hope of solving this, when i got my mac i wasnt told that you had to buy the apple care policy within 90 days or your out in the cold!

A few weeks back I had a problem with "word" freezing the entire imac, switching it off & restaring it solved the problem & good ol mac bought the file back up from where i left it

Over the weekend my mac suddenly wouldnt boot at all. Each time i reset it, it would get one step colser to working; eg black screen- restart. grey screen, restart, grey screen with apple logo- restart. Apple logo with spinning wheel- restart. Blue screen- restart. Blue screen with password- Booted! Hooray!

This stopped to work the very next day, thankfully I had backed up my important files expecting the worst.

Read the manual. Held down down option, apple, P & R, heard the 2nd chime- nothing!

restarted & put tiger disk back in, failed to boot- restarted & help down option & went to purple screen with tiger dvd & hard drive as options. Tried to boot from hard drive & failed. Restart & selected to boot from disk. At this satge I was so angry I just thought a fresh start was the best thing & totally formatted & reinstalled Tiger! All went well & i got another 24 hours of usage.

Booted tonight now nothing is working, i cant even bring the purple screen up to select where to boot from. I tried over & over. I can hold option, apple, P & R but it goes nowhere, same goes for just holding option!

What the hell is going on??????

Worst thing is that I have had to admit defeat & I write this post from a windows PC!!!!!

Please help, I'm totally lost here & its my 1st Mac since switching!!



First off, you have 365 days to purchase AppleCare. 90 Days is only for free phone support. Your warranty lasts for a year. If you have erased and reinstalled the OS and you're still having problems, you need to take the Mac into an Apple Certified Repair Center and have it looked at, as it's likely to be a hardware issue.

>So, what happened?
Nothing really over the past two years.