Look, I know it is fashionable to knock Internet Explorer. It is an easy target, and I will admit to aiming my own fair of kicks over the years. But when Beta software gets slated for having some bugs, well isn't that just taking things a little too far?

That was my impression when I first saw some of the reports breaking online, but as I dug deeper I realised there was more to this story than meets the eye.

The problems go further than just the usual software bugs, it would seem, and instead look like they could actually be with Microsoft services instead. Indeed, some reports are saying that Microsoft has acknowledged at least some of these service issues.

First there was the revelation from Microsoft itself that if you had upgraded to IE8 on Windows XP SP3 then there was no returning to IE7 without first uninstalling the service pack. Which is a bit harsh, don't you think? Might have been nice to let us know earlier in the day.

Then there are the user reports coming in about ClearType and difficulties in cleanly leaving Windows Live Mail without it crashing and burning. It is even being reported that IE8 Beta 2 is not being recognised as a supported browser by, well, err, Windows Live Meeting.


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And that's exactly why you have beta programs, to find such problems that don't show up in a cleanroom environment of the software testing lab where all machines are fresh installations of everything recreated for every test cycle.

Maybe it would be a better idea all round if ( i cant believe im going to say this ) Microsoft, rather than trying to put a new OS out there every 5 years or so, and then force us all to change to it, as surprisingly the old one wont be supported any further than a few years after the latest release.

How about this for a novelty idea. Stop the development of NEW OS's until you have a fully functioning and error free one to build from. Otherwise your errors are just going to mount up and cascade through each new OS. Take Vista for example, description, XP with the bits taken out. Then release it complete with bugs and put it in a variety of bugged flavours.

Seeing as all support for 98 and ME has stopped now, does that mean its Abandonware and anyone can take it up?

I wish