I m continuously getting blue screen error whenever i start my laptop, i go through admin password, the moment i get the main interface, a blue death screen comes and take all away and restart my computer, it does for three or four times and then next time it relax and give me my windows back to me but i tired of it and also i don't want to reinstall my windows XP, if you guys know any other better solution to get rid off from this weird and freaky problem then please share. Thanks in advance

hi ,you could start by posting the BSOD error message here .If it rebbots to fast ,then right clicko n mycomputer go to properties /advanced /startup and recovery settings and uncheck the auto restart

The option is dead, i cannot select it myself, any other solution or doing the same procedure with different way.

some computers have it as an option when you go F8 on bootup for safe mode ,on that screen look for disable auto reboot .

Sounds simple and you may have tried this already but if you can get the laptop to boot, try running scandisk then defrag. Sometimes a highly fragmented disk can have problems booting up.