I would like to know which antivirus software to select from the following:

Norton 360
Trend MIcro
NOD 32
MicroWorld eScan ISS

I was using Norton for quite sometime now, but due to the stress it gives to the system I stopped using it. Currently I'm using MicroWorld's eScan - Anti Virus for Windows, which is quite good considering the system resources it uses, updates are readily available and are very efficient, also it is quite well priced.

My basic constraints are how taxing is the software on the system - the lesser the better and the price and how user friendly is the program's interface?

You should be looking at how well it does its job in protecting you from nasties, first and foremost, with the other considerations being secondary to that.

That said, take a look at the latest AV Comparatives testing, and my DaniWeb blog posting about it here.

ESET NOD32 AntiVirus 2.7 performed best of the lot...

I have used Avast for last two years and not caaught a virus.

Also just cleaned 20 viruses from a PC that was supposed to be protected by Nortons.

If you need it for personal use then it is free, otherwise you pay.


PS I don't work for Avast.

I like AVG AV but thier antispyware suite is crap

Try NOD32. Its really effective

I don't mind Norton, but it eats RAM up like it were candy...
Best not buy that... but i do like it,i have ample RAM so it can eat up what it likes :P

trend micro all the way!!! i have it on my computer and i love it. and if that's not enough to convince you, one of trend micro's products just got ranked number one in the latest issue of Consumer Reports magazine (sept 2007). here's the complete list:
1)Trend Micro ('PC-cillin') Internet Security 2007 (now referred to as "Trend Micro Internet Security 2007")

(2) Check Point ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 7.0

(3) McAfee Total Protection 2007

(4) McAfee Internet Security Suite 2007

(5) Microsoft Live OneCare

(6) BitDefender Internet Security 10

(7) F-Secure Internet Security 2007

(8) Symantec Norton 360

(9) Symantec Norton Internet Security 2007

hope this helped :)

I used Norton and it really didn't use much RAM at all. But it did suck. and was apprently the reason my laptop cut out (yeah because it couldnt be overheating could it?)

Now I use Avast! Which my brother also users and my friend. Interface is a twizzle till you get used to it.

I had McAfee for years, but got fed up with all the hoops they put you through.
Switched to AVG months ago - free for personal use.
Updates quickly at logon.
Grabbed two 'nasties' that tried to get on my computer.
Haven't had an infection.
Doesn't use much in the way of resources.
Have had no hassels.
Works well for me!

i would say NOD32 it is effective and it si light on the PC resourses
i had too many probels with antivirus software but i solved'em all
know how.....?
i installed Linux :P

lol , i find AVG a nice little side program working away silently, unlike norton which acts like a sponge on my RAM!