I have been having problems and Im not exactly sure if it is interent explorer or not but that is what we use to get on the internet and every time we close out explorer it stays at the bottom. the whole window disappears but not the little box that is at the bottom and we have to use control alt delete to get rid of it. why does it do that and how do we fix it. some one please help me or i will seriously go nuts!!! Thanks :evil:

Do you mean that you minimize Internet Explorer to the taskbar instead of closing it completely? Do you click the little icon with the X in it. Try going to the File menu, and then to Close. Does the same thing happen?

i do click on the X to close it out and it looks like i just minimized it and thats when i have to use ctrl alt delete to get rid of it. next time i will try it with going to file and then close. if that doesnt work what can be the problem??

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