A lot of times when I start my computer I get a blue screen and keep getting it when I reboot. Other times when I'm on the internet it freezes and I have to reboot. The only time I don't get the blue screen is is the computer is off for a while (i.e. first thing in the morning). If I get the screen I have to turn off the computer for at least a half hour and then turn it back on. I almost always get the blue screen if I reboot without having the computer off for a while.

The blue screen says "A fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028:C00005338 in VXD VMM (01) + 00004338. The current application will be terminated".

Also when I boot the computer a box comes up that says "A required .DLL file, MSPFCTLO.DLL, was not found".
On the boxes that come up "illegal operation" does the details tell you anything? The IE dialog box that comes up says "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down". The details say "Internet Explorer has caused an invalid page fault in OLEAUT32.DLL at 0187:653aac21.

This error is often caused by AMD K6 processors.

1. In the majority of cases, this problem is caused by heat related issues like the CPU fan running slow or not at all, or other problems causing heat to build up inside the case. You can easily check for this by opening the case and having a fan blow towards the inside of the case. If the problem goes away then it is heat related.
Note: One of the easiest things to check is the heat sink. Open the computer case and see if the heat sink has excessive dust on it and if it does, blow the dust off the heat sink (a can of compressed air works well).
2. You can also check the back of the computer without opening the case and see how much air is moving from the back of the case where the fan is located. There should be a fair amount of air moving and it should be warm, not hot.
3. The fixes shown below like slowing down the CPU and disabling the cache would work in such cases because they would make the CPU run slower and thus put out less heat.
4. If you are running Windows 95 OEM releases on AMD K6-2 350MHz or faster processors...
see KB article Q192841 (75) and the AMD fix (76).
With Windows 98, there might be several causes.
5. A very likely cause is an incorrect setting in BIOS.
Enter your computer's BIOS, go to the "PNP/PCI Configuration" section and change the "Plug and play Os installed" setting to "No". This cause/solution was seen on a Soltek Motherboard with an AMD 500MHz CPU running win98se. It could apply to others.
6. It is very likely that this is caused by overheating of the CPU. Check the CPU fan to make sure it is working, if it is you might try changing to a more powerful fan. It might also be related to incorrect CPU voltage settings on the motherboard.
7.If all else fails try changing the CPU speed to a slower value and see if the problem goes away. Lowering the CPU speed has made the error go away for several users that tried it and reported back to us.

For the IE problem check this out: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=259737
If anything else: vacuum any dust, and reset the RAM card!

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