I keep getting "IE has encountered a problem and needs to close..."
with "Debug" button, which doesn't seem to do anything.
Tech Info:
Module 1 - iexplore.exe
Module 2 - ntdll.dll
Module 3 - kernel32.dll

I don't know what other info to put on here. I have had this problem before and thought it was fixed by turning off the debugging notification, but I guess not. How can I fix this for good.

I have Win XPP-SP2 and IE 6

You could try resetting IE6 back to factory settings by going to.
Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced (Tab). Click "Restore Defaults".
Then Go To. Programs (Tab) Click "Reset Web Settings".

Restart IE... If that doesn't work.

it sounds like you'll need to do a system restore or format the drive and reinstall your Operating System.

You can get windows to replace any corrupted system files (this may be the case for you) by doing this

1. BACK UP !!!!!
2. Close everything that you dont need
3. Open the run prompt (start menu)
4. type: sfc / scannow
5. wait (it will not tell you when it is done, it will just close silently)
6. Reboot
7. See if it helped

You may need your windows XP CD