I reinstalled windows onto my C drive which is fine. However when THAT screen popped up for me to select which drive and to where and if I want to delete etc.....well previously I had the C drive partitioned so (in my eyes I had a C/D drive) then I had another hard drive I called the F: drive dedicated to movies, baby pictures, personal info etc. Well apparently when I was at THAT screen I selected D: drive to delete BUT when the installation was complete to my complete NERVOUS BREAKDOWN it was in actuality the other hard drive F: drive that got deleted.

Now you all know the next question......how can I get it back? I have looked into (online) recovery data programs, undelete programs, etc.......but it either cost money (duh..hoping I could find a free version of something)or it does nothing for me.

The last resort is to pay someone to recover the data.

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It might not what you want to hear but i think you will need to get some rpofessional help on this one. Lets just hope it doesnt cost you too much. Do let us know how it goes though.


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