Hi, I coulnt find much under search, I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction for a tutorial on how to install a new hard drive. I have never done this before and Im not sure where the jumpers should be, should i put them in the same place as the old hard drive? After putting it in is there anything else I need to do, or just start installing windows?

Yes I know, very amiture type questions. Any help or if you can point me to a good guide on this it would be much appretiated.

Its for win xp, hd is western dig, wd caviar se, if any of that matters.

thanks again in advance.

Edit = in manual it says for single, no jumper shunt required " should i take the jumper out then?
The default is "cable select" should i just it like that?

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here show it is

if you have 2 drives on one cable you make one master and one slave.

If you just have one drive choose Cable select, or master. Thats what I have always done. If you get it wrong, the worst thing thats ever hapened to me is that the drive wont be detected.

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