I'm having problems with my computer booting up. I turn it on and all the fans and stuff start working and it sounds like it is booting up, but nothing shows up on the moniter, the keyboard and mouse does not light up, and CD rom wont open or respond. Everything is plugged in, i have plenty of ram, its in right... the moniter and keyboard and mouse all work, Iim using them on this computer right now. If anyone has any idea why all of a sudden this happened, please help me =)

"it sounds like it working " does that mean it going through the posr and does it do the one beep indacating is windows starting or is it just the fans running ,if so it could be the cpu or motherboard ,the best thing to do if you are comfortable inside the computer, shut it down and remove all addin cards and then boot to see if it post ,if it does,then shut it down and replace the video card and reboot ,keep doing this until the computer stops booting again .tha last card in befor the noboot is the problem ,havin said that none of this will help if it the motherboard or the cpu ,also it could be the power supply not putting out enough power .i could go on and on

Thanks for your reply. I'm pretty sure it's not the power supply. I took out mine and switched it with a power supply that I know works and the same problem happened. Same thing with video card. Tech support for where I bought it said it might be the motherboard (hope not). I was a little unclear before about what happens when I turn it on. I boot it up and the fans start spinning and the hardrive makes it's normal noises. The little light that is under the power button is orange instead of green, when it is on 'standby' its orange so there's something wrong there. Also, the moniter get powered like normal when I turn it on, but it stays blank and the power button on it flashes. The keyboard and mouse dont get power at all. I think there's something wrong with the motherboard or hardrive because I've checked everything else and they work alright. So, if one of those is messed up, how can I fix it?

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sound like the motherboard or cpu ,not likely the hard drive, it would bood to a error message maybe but you could unplug the drive and try booting

I'm having problems with my computer booting up.

Did it run ok before?
Is it a new machine that's never been plugged in?
Were you overclocking it, perhaps?
Did it get knocked over?

Right off the bat I'd have to say it sounds like the CPU might be fried.
Did you go into the bios for some reason and change the cpu settings?
(if so you'll have to re-set the bios back to it's defaults)

Do you even get the single beep for post???