I have a user with a PC running Windows XP home, on a Novell netware network and a bordermanager proxy server. Since the computer is shared by many users, they like to utilise the personalised background part of Windows XP and log in locally as different users.

The first user that was created can use the Internet perfectly fine. When the others log on and bring up pages like google, they cannot use any of the buttons, controls, or even hyperlinks on the pages. Internet explorer does not even react when they touch the buttons. Certain sites (like CNN) just load and load and never even generate an error. I'm guessing it might be a security scripting error, but I'm at a bit of a loss. Would appreciate any input.

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Do all the users have administrative access? If not, try changing their porfiles and give them all administrative access.


I'm having the same problem and ^^^that is a lousy solution. This seems to be a really common problem.

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