I don't know if anyone can diagnose this, but my IE can't connect to any site after like about 2 hours of usage. after that time, all that come up when i try to connect to any site is the failure to connect window. same goes for outlook express, i can't connect to check email, it just tells me that there some error. anyone have a clue what the hell is wrong with this. i have to restart like every 2 hours if i wanna reconnect to the net properly. could some stupid virus have cause this mess? :evil:

What OS and IE version have you?

This sounds like a general connection time-out problem, since both browser and email are affected. Could your ISP be logging you off after 2 hours?

might be worth checking the post "IE6 wont find any websites if idle for and hour or so.
" also in this forum....dont know if my problem is the same as yours but sounds similar and plenty of kind folk have suggested a few things in there !!!

well, heres the deal, i don't think my isp is the problem because once i restart, my connection will be good for another 2 hours before it goes wrong again. well, i get indications that its about to go wrong usually with thumbnails on a page only about half or less loaded when it would usually all load. btw, its win xp and ie 6.0.