To start off with if i'm in the wrong forum sorry. I have been downloading mp3's and syncing them to my mp3 player with windows media. The songs play fine on the computer and on the cd's i've made also. But for some reason after a while of being on my mp3 player some songs will quit playing halfway through. Another problem is that one day a song will play and the next day the player says file format not supported. Any help appreciated, and again if i'm in the wrong forum sorry.


Welcome :)

Maybe you got a bad copy of the song?

I have known others that have had MP3s that do that and it was simply a corrupted file......

Sometimes the player loses sync with the file,that would also cause it to lose audio...

Good luck!

All the songs on my mp3 have been playing fine until yesterday and it keeps reading, "flash error! pls backup data and format player". songs play ok on pc, but not anymore on mp3, also can`t rid the message unless battery is out!! i`ve tried to remove them from mp3, without any luck!! WHATS HAPPENED!? ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT THANKS!