I just received a Compaq E500 laptop from Ebay. I tried installing Windows XP Pro. Everything goes fine untill i get to the "copying files" at file win32k.sys it stops installing and gives me options. Either retry installing this file , witch i tried many times and still wouldn't, or skip the file. So finaly i tried to skip the file, but it gives a warning that windows may not work properly if skipping this file. So the file finisished installing and the it reboots the computer and the regular windows xp loading screen starts up, after like 3 seconds my screen turs blue and says "Fatal Error windows has shut down" and gives some long chains of numbers and letter. I tried repainging and installing 2 more time oand i keep getting the same thing. Plaese help me... Thank You Larry

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Go to the HDD manufactures site and get there util and do a zero write to the drive.then when you install windows when it ask which format don't do quick do full.

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