hello all,

thank you in advance for reading my post; i am computer-useless & bow down to all you super-computers out there. i have a file in 2 different formats: microsoft word, and adobe pdf (professional 7.0, if the edition makes a difference) & i need to convert it into a WRITABLE pdf. there are no free internet tutorials on this, and adobe doesn't even offer that option in its help. here's a hot cup of coffee for some inspiration: c(_)~~~~

thank you very much if you can help me out or offer me any advice

take care & happy holidays!

PDF's a funny files.
Is the pdf file that you have been created by yourself? Also any copy of the file in a Word format will always be writeable and can be edited and re-saved. Try to manually add what you want into the pdf, then use Save As to make a newer copy of that file. Does it say that it is a "read-only" file?

Adobe Professional version 7 should be able to convert your word doc into an adobe document that you can fill out in adobe. the question is what version of office are you running and does it have the adobe plugin. meaning you should be able to open the file in Word, and do a save as or convert to pdf. you can even conver to pdf then edit in adobe to be a fillable form, meaning you can add the spaces/text boxes to write into.

thank you for responding! i've tried to do that, but it's not going well. what i mean by a "writeable pdf" is basically like an online form that people can fill in the specified fields & submit, but not alter or edit any other aspect of the file. did i explain that properly? in any case, i'm now attempting to just create something blank from scratch in adobe designer, but that seems excessive to me, like there is some simpler solution that i'm just not figuring out properly.

as i stated before you would need to have the adobe plugin installed, and if you look in your printers section you should see a printer name adobe pdf, thats what will be used to convert the file. open the file in words, look for a tool bar for adobe you should have an option to convert file to pdf. or on the file menu click save as and choose file type to be pdf. if non of these iptions are availabe you do not have the plugin installed or you are using the adobe reader.