Lost my os on a HP palivion 752n two weeks ago. HDD was toast, Had a 20GB HDD that had been formatted, so I poped that one in and started win.xp w\sp2 install. Every thing went along great until windows started to boot, black screen with error message, c0000221(bad image checksum)the image 0lecnv32.dllis possibly corrupt, the header checksum does not match the computer checksum.
Is there anything I can do other than reinstalling xp and trying it again? Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give.

Something tells me that one of these is the culprit:

1. The hard drive format is bad or is different than a Windows format.

2. The hard disk is not working right.

3. Some kind of copy-protection thinks you are pirating your copy of Windows (the guy who thought up copy protection needs shootin').

Thanks Midimagic, I've a feeling that the third reason you gave is the problem. The Hdd did come out of another computer, I may try to slave it and use as a back up storage device. Hate to thrash a good 20gb hdd. :@

Try wiping the hdd with WipeDrive and reinstall the OS.