Ok, I didn't know where I should put this so I put it here. :mrgreen:
Well, I have Adobe Photoshop, and for some reason (this has happened before) it doesn't let me type text onto the picture. I type, and say the size is 72, it is very tiny and hard to see. It is so stubborn! Please help. :-|


I also checked Photoshop Help Files, and it said:

Text layer is not created for images in Multichannel, Bitmap, or Indexed Color mode, because these modes do not support layers. In these image modes, type appears on the background

BUT my image is RGB color, and it is saved as a JPG. However, the original image was a BMP, but I re-saved it as a JPG, so I think it SHOULD let me... I am just confused..

Ok. If you say you can type onto the image but your text comes out small at 72pt this is probably because you have the resolution of the image set to high. Unless you are using the image to be printed the resolution should be about 72dpi. You should also save you image as a PSD file before editing it and then save for web. Create a new layer for text and make sure you don't have a strange font selected.

Hope this helps.

The problem is not the resolution of the image. I have the exact same software (Adobe 7.0) installed on XP and it works fine. Does anyone have an idea as to what's going on in Vista with this and what can be done to fix it?


I think roryt is on the right track.
Look under image and tell us the resolution and size.

You need to reset the pixel aspect ratio under images. That will fix it. I have been looking everywhere for this cause I had the same problem so I just started clicking away on stuff in PS settings and resetting the pixel aspect ratio fixed it.

Good luck. I hope this helps.

The pixel aspect ratio is the answer.I'm done with it and my problem was fix.try and hopefully it will resolve your problem as well.