Hey all,

I just found you, signed up and this is my first post, so please be gentle.

I'm working on a friends Laptop, as follows:

HP Pavilion DV6105US Entertainment Notebook PC
AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology MK36
Windows XP Media Center Edition
512MB system Memory
80GB (5400rpm) harddrive
Super Milti BX DVD=R/RW
NVIDIA GeForce GO 6150 graphics

I looked at some of the previous restart posts and found some good stuff, but need a bit more info.

When you start the computer, it gets to the post, then to the Windows Logo, then restarts, over and over again. I tried F8ing to get into safe mode, but it won't let me. I changed the boot sequence to the ROM, then HD and tried booting with my XP Pro to get into repair mode, but it wants the original installation disk. When my friend bought this, it came with documentation on how to restore without a disk, but I'm afraid all saved stuff will be whipped clean as well.

I do get an error message that reads:
"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
Then it says I can "repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the orginal Setup CD-ROM, which he doesn't have.

Any suggestions where to get a "Windows XP Media Center Edition" repair CD? All I want is enough to boot me into safe mode or normal mode so I can start looking around for nasties in the system or registry files.

Short version:
Keeps rebooting, can't get into safe mode, can't get into prompt mode, can't repair with Pro, don't have (or can't find) the original installation CD, need a link to a GOOD boot and repair link that I can burn onto a CD.

Does Registy Cleaner boot computers that won't?

Thank you in advance,


One thing I just remembered. When I try to do the repair, it asks for the administrator password. There isn't one in the bios, so when I hit enter without typing anything (3 tries) I get sent to restart.

Would the admin password be in the documentation my friend got with the laptop?

Thanks again,


admin password is often 'admin'... but when I am really stuck like this is use a linux bootable CD and canthen access the hard disk from that running in memory. You can download an IOS file of linux (ubuntu or Kubuntu etc) and cut a CD that then boots as a live cd. can be a great help!

Thank you for the lead. I will make the CD and keep it for future reference.
As for the laptop, I used the F11 and did a recovery. I was worried about loosing stuff saved but it all was maintained in the HD.

Before I got too deep into this, I called a friend who had the same problem with his niece's laptop (different brand). Looking at post from here and other sites, it seems like something that's coming to the surface more often.

We should all take notice and be sure to back up our systems regurlarly.

Thanks again for the reply,