Got a major promblem with my computer here, ok so im using it perfect then it kind of locked up so i had no choice but to restart it pressing the power button. I restart it, then it comes up with the do you want to run windows normally or blah blah blah. Ok so i press windows normally and its goes then when its at the Windows XP screen it restarts again and goes back to the same do you want to blah blah...tried everything i could think of but it just keeps restarting and restarting no matter what you pick. Even Safe Mode. Is there any way to fix this?

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When you are booting up, press the F8 key about twice per second until you see a screen listing several options, including Safemode. Towards the bottom of that list, there is an option to Disable autmatic restart on system failure. Click on it and next time you startup, you will probably get a BSOD with an error message.


Uh alright did that and it now says Stop 0x00000024 ( 0x00190203, 0x811B60D0m 0xC0000102, 0x00000000

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