My screen has suddenly started to flicker badly on my new Acer laptop (Vista operating system) its like the horziontal hold has gone on an old TV. Anyone with any idea, comments much appreciated.


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windows might have recently updated the driver and it might have changed the settings. right click on your desktop click personlise then display settings try changing the resolutions and the refresh rate to 60hz if that doesnt work download the driver of your graphics card from your manufactures website and install it over the old driver and do the same for the monitor. Let me know how you get on!


Though this thread is quite old, but this seems related to my problem, so joined this forum to discuss and seek resolution of the problem.

I have this Dell Studio Laptop with Vista 64bit working fine for last one year. Today screen started flickering when something like Notepad, gTalk chat window or similar application is open. It works fine when no application is open or if a browser, or Word or Excel are open.

There was no update done in last few days, so I am confused and trying to find out what could be the reason, I have also checked and no virus is there.

Any suggestions?

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