I just noticed another wierd occurance on my PC (I'm not sure if it's related to my other post about the WPD FileSystem Driver). I have an Acer T180 and I have been trying to update a lot of the drivers on my machine, and not having a lot of luck. I'm sure I've deleted some pre-installed programs that this computer needed to work properly with Vista.

When I open Windows Explorer, there are several directories with a blue arrow on the folder. When I try to access them, I get, c:\blah blah blah is not accessable. Access is denied. (where blah blah blah is the directory)

I'm logged in as the administrator account (which is called momanddad). The directories that are being blocked include:

C:\documents and settings
C:\users\momanddad\Application Data
C:\users\momanddad\local settings
C:\users\momanddad\My Documents
C:\users\momanddad\Start Menu
C:\users\All Users
C:\Users\Default User

and others

Honestly, I'm not sure how long it's been like this, but I don't think it's been too long.

I'm really close to backing up the entire hard drive (If I can) and wiping it clean and putting XP on here.

Anyone have any ideas what this is?

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hello again you seem to be having many problems and this one looks like software maybe you have been infected with a virus or some form of adware have you got any anit virus/firewall/spyware installed. Be careful what you back up from your files as if it is spyware or a virus you could just be copying the problem from one o/s to the next. Deleting preinstalled programs shouldnt cause a majour problem but you may not have unistalled them properly and this can cause weird behaviour. Could you please post a hijack this log for this post and ill have a look see whats wrong!!


Thanks, I posted the log.

I do have have anti virus and spyware installed.


hi i had a look at your post i cant seem anything out of the ordinary but it can always help with a second pair of eyes, but did you manage to fix the card reader problem by rolling back the driver or was that not an avilable option


There were no drivers to roll back to. So the card reader problem is still there and now this one.


Right for the folders.... If you right click on the folder c:/users/momanddad then go to properties then check that everything is ticked for system, momanddad and adminsitrator and any other users you wish to have access to these folders. And make sure this is the same for any folders you cant answer.

And for the card reader i would contact acer support regarding the card reader as this is unaceptable from a big company to release a computer that doesnt work correctly.

Or both your problems might be the symptons of a different program like a hardware fault or a corrupt instal of vista, you can try the reinstall suggested on a different drive see if both problems are solved or just ask acer to fix it if its still under warranty.


OK - I looked at the properties for a few of the folders I didn't have access to. It said that the owner was SYSTEM.

I took ownership of the folder, and now I can view it.

Why would SYSTEM be the owner of a directory under my user's directory? (C:\users\momanddad)

The blue arrow is still on those directories, and the ownership doesn't change on subdirectories, so I'll have to find each one and claim ownership.

Any ideas on what's causing this one?

BTW - I do plan on contacting Acer next week once the kids are back in school and I have a little more time to devote to fixing this.


Thanks for all your help. I finally was able to devote a little more time on this and decided it would be easier to just do a clean install. So I backed up my files and reverted to the factory defaults.

I know now that the problems started on my computer at least in late October/early November. I had gotten a new cell phone back then and couldn't get it connected and had similar problems as I had this time around. Now things are working much better.

On a side note... do you know if Windows Moble Device Center has plans for an update to sync with the new Windows Mail Contacts instead of just Outlook?

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