Recently my pc has started to freeze randomly. But i noticed after the first 20 times that it tend to crash when im running some other programs( microsoft antispyware, adAware, winrar) while im surfing the net, regardless which browser(firefox, ie, netscape) i use it freezes for a couple of minutes and unfreezes(sometimes, not always).

I have a amd athlon xp 2000+
768mb noname ddr-ram
a brand new psu
asus geforce 6600gt gfx
logitech keyboard & mouse
soundblaster live 24bit
service pack 2
windows xp pro
nforce 2 motherboard

please help

Sounds like you might have some spyware, virus, or other malware problems. Use the link at the bottom of my sig to clean up your system.

When was the last time you reformatted?
I say collect all the files you have, back them up, and then reformat your drives. I know it sounds a bit extreme, but trust me, once you get some spyware completely in your system and it starts to make things run that much slower like that, the alternatives to reformatting will seem much more extreme.
I reformat my drives every 6-8 months or so.
What i do to make the process easier is i make an image of the pc. Then i can just reload this image, reformatting the drives back to that state. Very much like restore points.
Another thing you could do is set up a drive mirror. Basically, at certain scheduled times, it will back up your hard-drive onto a seperate harddrive. The only downpoint to doing this is that if you get a virus on your computer, it will also infect the other drive. But when it is in this seperate harddrive, it will be inanimate. Like in a compressed zipped folder. It wont run until it is extracted, which presents the opportunity for you to scan it and repair or delete the file before loading the backup data onto your primary drive.

ok.. thanks but i recently formatted my discs, so it shouldn't be that ...
i am trying to use the optimized guides homepage now, see if that works...

i tried to run half-life 2 today. It used to run just fine, but now it can't get past the menu screen.. please help... i'm desparate..

Is your computer overheating? Try using SpeedFan. Post your temps after you run the program.

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