my computer is windows xp: media center edition
Alright well first off, I've got a problem connecting my xbox to my computer with media center edition. When i try and download the xbox program it says that i dont have windows media center installed, but when i got into system info it says that i do.
also when i start up my computer it gives me two options as to which operation system i'd like to start up with. both say windows professional but only the first one actually runs the start up, the other one has some message that i dont remember. that would probably help to know it, but sorry.
i know you guys aren't xbox experts and you probably wont be able to shed any light on the topic but thats fine. i'm just wondering
then lastly, i have this pci card in the back of my comptuer that has the red white and yellow component cables on them and i would like to hook up my wii or xbox 360 to my computer but i'm not sure if those component cables will work like that. and the pci card came with this program that was ment for editing videos from a video camera so i'm not sure if it will work. the card doesnt say anything on it and i have defininetly lost the box to the video editing thing.
i also have a tv tuner that has the component cables on it. it is called the wintv pvr usb2. most forums say that you cant hook up your game system to it, but i dont exactly know why. like if it has those cable slots, what would be restricting it from being able to register the video and audio of a game system.
i know this is lengthy and i am very vague in many of the situations but i did this in a rush and i think it would be awsome if anyone could help. if not i guess i'll just have to deal. so thanks.

type winver into run. Tell us what is shown (DO NOT tell us your windows serial number)

and you should be able to link your xbox up like that I have a capture card with component adapters like that and i can plug in my xbox and watch/record it just fine in vista's MCE.

alright well at the top it says microsfot windows xp then underneath that it says media center edition.
then in the portion under that it says version 5.1 build 2600.xpsp_sp2.... so i have service pack 2. the copyright is 1981-2001 (probably not important). and thats about all of it.
and then about the component card, i've tried hooking my wii up and it doesnt have any prompt and as far as i can tell, my computer doesnt even know it is in there. is there any software that can tell me what pci card i have in or a program i can use to register that it is in there?

in media centre i click input and then choose composite (turn xbox on first) - it then shows in the preview window

i dont see a button that says input in media center. is it under settings somewhere?
also, do you know of anyway for me to install the pci card so that my computer recognizes it. that pci card and the tv tuner with the component slots are seperate.

you need to install the drivers

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