well alright, my computer works and all, but i forgot my password, i have tried almost every method to find it. but for some reason when i try to boot the computer(i have tried various boot disks and floppies and even the XP intallation disk) there is no message to boot, im confused and i could really use some help.

hopefully the back door isnt locked.... turn off ur computer then turn the power back on. start tapping the f8 as soon as you turn the power switch on. you shoud come to a screen that ask if you won't to boot in to safe mode? you want to log in to safe mode. once you make it to the desk top click on start the control panel then user accounts. Here you will be able to remove or change ur password.

hmm ill give this a try but there is the problem that when my computer starts up it asks me to press f1 to continue, it has done this for about a year and when i log on there is no problems but i think it may effect the getting to safe mode, ahh its definately worth a try though, thanks. =]

well it worked like a charm, thank you for your help.