Hello everyone! I work IT for a small school, and I am having issues with my server. It seems as though at different intervals, my domain controller will not recognize authorized users. This has been an issue since we lost power due to an enormous ice storm. I have checked and rechecked authorized users, as well as resetting the controller, but to no avail. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, I would appreciate any help I can get.

*********I am running windows server 03**********

Thanks DimaYasny,

Unfortunately I do not have any logs of any sort. I checked event viewer, and it seems as though the power issues have really messed some things up. One thing I have been doing is renaming and rejoining each individual computer to the network, and it will then allow the users access. This still has me confused, but I have at least found a workable solution. Now my primary concerns are that my DHCP server is starting to fail. If it is not one thing, it is another!!

try to test everything with another switch and a different server.
what brand is that server anyway?

It is a visionman server. I am in the process of creating a backup server. I am hoping by doing this, I will be able to work on the main server without disrupting services to the school. The switches are good, and I think the source of my main problems are from the print server. I am only able to set up some of the printers. Sorry this has been one trail, leading to another. The ice storm caused massive disruption with the electrical systems, and even though the servers have back-ups, I am sure that damages were caused by the storm. The school was without power for two weeks, and when the power did turn on, it surged for several hours before it became a constant. Anyway, I need to take the time to check deeper into this issue, and I will hopefully be able to give you some real details. Thanks for your time!

usually brandname servers are provided with some diagnostic tools. try to find those and run them