Hi all,

I will try to keep this as simple as possible.

I have a customer who has a Sony Vaio Laptop at home, along with a Netgear Router which he connects to using Wireless and the ISP is AOL. He uses a PPTP VPN

connection to connect to the office and then uses Outlook 2003 to check his emails.

The problem is that whenever he trys to reply or forward an email Outlook either crashes or simply doesn't do it.

What ISN'T the problem here:

1) It is not the VPN. The VPN is stable and there is no packet loss when pinging the server. The VPN also works fine on the same machine when using a 3G


2) It is not the ISP. My laptop connecting to his router works fine.

3) It is not the router. My laptop connecting to his router works fine.

4) It is not the installation of Office because it all works fine over 3G and when he is in the office.

5) It is not a DNS issue as there are entries in the hosts file and again all works fine via 3G.

6) It is not a WLAN issue only as the same occurs when using the LAN connection with a network lead. The latest device drivers have been installed.

My thoughts are that it is something to do with the way the WLAN and LAN adapaters on his laptop handle the VPN and Outlook traffic but I am really out of


I am open to any suggestions!!!

Many thanks in advance.

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